Friday, November 27, 2015

Please, folks, use professionals for your translations!

Just can't stand it anymore.

Companies big and small ... please use professionals for your translations.

Really, for enormous companies with mega-budgets, like ATM and Trenitalia, there's absolutely no excuse.

I'm just sayin'.

For those of you who don't read Italian, the beginning says: "The hamster of the neighbor of the cousin of the parrish priest of the maid."

(Credit where credit is due: It's my graphic, but the photo is from

Thursday, November 26, 2015

National train strike from 6 PM today (26 Nov) to 6 PM tomorrow (27 Nov)

Travelling by train in Italy today or tomorrow?

Good luck, even with the Malpensa Express special train...More......

...between Cadorna in Milan and the Malpensa international airport.

Tomorrow, there also will be some local public transportation strikes, but the official Italian Ministry of Transportation web site says nothing about Milan.

At least the workers waited to strike until after Expo...let's hope it gets cleared up before the Christmas season.

So, what to do if you need to get to Malpensa?

You'll have to find a helpful friend, or take a taxi.

Be sure to always take only official taxis because these are covered by insurance and have to adhere to equipment and comportment standards, among which is the clear posting of the costs between Milan and the two airports. Last time I noticed, the costs between Milan and Malpensa were around a flat Euro 120.00. (Yes, that's one hundred and twenty Euros.)

Can hardly say my usual "enjoy!," can I?
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