Monday, January 23, 2017

Strike 27 Jan 2017, 9AM-5PM: Malpensa Express (Milan-Malpensa-Milan)

Starting off the new year with bad news (sorry!): a strike.

27 Jan 2017, 9AM-5PM, Malpensa Express.

The Malpensa Express (the "trenino" between Milan and the Malpensa airport) is going to be unavailable, or available in fits and starts, between 9AM and 5PM on the 27th of January.

The first Malpensa express trains from the Cadorna station begin running at just before 6:30 AM, for example, so if you need to get to the airport, you'd better get organized early.

Here's the web site in English for more train, ticket counter and station times.

Best of luck!
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