Friday, June 10, 2011

Photoless Friday (16): Got a Smart phone? There's an ATM "app" for you

In Milan, but away from the computer, so can't check "GiroMilano" on the ATM website, but need to figure out how to get from point B to point C with public transportation?...More......

If you have a Smart phone, ATM now provides a free, yes free, application for Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias and Windows Mobile.

Here's the link:{051947BB-07B3-44FD-88C6-5F476CE0EC1D}.

The page is available only in Italian.

If you need English, and have access to the internet, the "GiroMilano" ("I get around Milan") feature is available in English directly on the site:

You input the two addresses (departure, arrival), presso go, and wait til the little map shows you the way, complete with numbers of the trams and stops and how long the whole trip likely will take you (if it's not nearly next door, it'll probably take at least 30-45 minutes with surface transportation...calculate for sudden traffic jams).

It now is possible to specify that you want to avoid, or take, one kind of means, or the other, and is a marvelous service, though it has its flaws (often, I find that, when I see where the arrival point is, a more convenient way to go than is indicated by the map, often pops into my head, but it's always a good start).


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