Friday, July 15, 2011

Photoless Friday (21): We've done "Milano Mese," now it's the turn of "Where Milan"

Man, the work load ain't lettin''s gettin' I'll have to be brief, but missed chatting with you, so here's another heads up for how to find fun stuff to do in Milan: "Where Milan"...More......

Whereas "Milano Mese," the pocket-sized font of the info of my recent posts on what to do in town, is more oriented to cultural activities of all sorts, for the locals and for visitors, "Where Milan" is magazine-sized, and is oriented more to visitors.

How is it possible to tell?

"Milano Mese" is set up by theme, yes, but also by closing dates (like a calendar in prose), and has activities of all sorts: exhibit and gallery openings and closings (personally, I wish they wouldn't mix the notices for museums--where stuff isn't for sale--and galleries--where stuff is for's not good deontologically, and is confusing to boot), music for all tastes and hours of the day (or night), activities for kids, festivals of all kinds from folkloristic to you-name-it.

In addition to the above kinds of entertainment, "Where Milan" ( also gives hints about (citing from their index): shopping, dining and essentials.

There's your clue: someone, who lives in Milan, may enjoy hunting up new places to eat and shop, but doesn't need a monthly reference guide for it. In addition, the layout is more...magazine-y, more eye-catching, and has short articles (or, at least article-y introductions to their info structured as little paragraphs, not name-date-place-cost lists). It helps being in a bigger format.

The July 2011 issue, for example, has bits on luxury shopping (the little maps to the Montenapoleone area have our museum, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum--via Gesù 5--on it, yeah!!!) and...yumm!...gelato in Milan. At the back of the magazine is a map of the metro lines and a pretty darn detailed map of the heart of downtown (again, with our museum on it, yeah!!!).

Both "Milano Mese" and "Where Milan" are free and available in various obvious places around time (example: bookstores, hotel lobbies, the city's official info offices, museum lobbies, etc.).

Now, folks, as much as I love chatting with you, it's back to work for me! Have a good weekend! (But bring your umbrella...I saw the weather is GORGEOUS, but the clouds...and some cool air, Thank the blowing in, just in time for the weekend, and should last 'til Monday, oh lucky us!, but after this recent spate of torrid heat and humidity, believe me, I'm not complaining about the rain!)

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