Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walk a mile in my shoes...

...before you criticize and accuse....

In honor of Milan's fashion week, I thought I'd recount that I used to follow The Sartorialist for awhile.

It's a marvie blog for following the latest fashion trends. The author takes (great) snaps......More......

... of people on the streets of the most fashionable towns in the world, including Milan.

He hasn't snapped a picture of my shoes, yet, so I did it for you.

Not that they're so fashionable. But without them, and another similar pair or two, I wouldn't be able to walk more than a few steps.

Put me in a taxi, get me close to the door, and in fancy shoes I can hobble to the restaurant table, or I can choose to walk...and get stuck with the likes of these.

And that's why I stopped reading that fashion blog.

Cranky snitty comments (I made a couple, myself, not all of them got past the blog author's censorshhip) without any regard for reality.

And I'm not just talkin' the "Oh, look, the emperor's new clothes!" kind of being out of touch...though there's a heck of a lot of that, too. (Maybe I'm the one out of touch....)

I'm talking the complete lack of understanding that those hideous (insert name of article of clothing, here) may be the only thing that person is able to wear in order to function.

And so I stopped following the blog.

The fact that my Mrs. Dudley DoRight comments often didn't make the grade has a lot nothing to do with it.

You give the blog a whirl, though...Enjoy!

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