Monday, March 26, 2012


It's rather art historian of Italian Renaissance art and architecture, who'd never been to Ferrara...but I finally remedied that on Sunday, with a small delightful group of friends.

Now I wonder why I'd waited so long! (Truth to tell, getting there with public transportation is MUCH more pleasant, now that there's a FAST train from Milan to Bologna, where you have to change.)

Lovely, and VERY much worth the little bit of effort to go. More......

A trip to the Palazzo Diamante (so-called for the diamond-shaped points on the mansion's exterior) to see the exhibit of the works of the Spanish Impressionist Sorolla (marvellous!) was the occasion. No picture-taking allowed, so you'll have to look him up for yourself.

Este ruler portraits literally put up on pedestals right across from the Duomo...just in case you weren't clear who was in charge.

A pair of scary lions and sphinxes to protect the Duomo.

Churches galore (this one's San Francesco), which we didn't have time to explore...have to go back!

And the other reason for going: Palazzo Schifanoia ("Get Rid of Boredom Mansion"), though I have to confess that the famous Renaissance frescoes were much less impressive than the somewhat later frescoes in the ducal palace in Urbino, in large part because of the poor state of conservation of most of them. Still, it was important to go and see for myself.

So, 'here my are!' in Ferrara!

Star's for the trip? 4.5 out of 5 (nibbling a bit off for the fact that one has to change trains once, but really it's no biggie)

Go, and enjoy!

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