Sunday, March 10, 2013

A (Lombard) rose by any other name

How sweet it is to see something in Lombardy spoken well of on a popular and informative web site, Archaeology News: the rock art in Val Camonica...More......

...computerized and animated!

Stretching from the provinces of Bergamo to Brescia in the north-eastern part of the Region of Lombardy, the Val Camonica / Camonica Valley is spoken of here on this official governmental page in English:

While you watch Archaeology New's video, you'll see a four-lobed symbol, known today in Lombardy as the "Rose of the Camunni" (Rosa Camuna), though scholars are still not sure what it really was. It was adopted as the region's symbol: you can see it at the top left of the Region's web page. (Following my policy to post only my own images, this is my rendering of the "rose," with apologies to both the ancient Camunni and the Region's graphic artists.)

This is a good place to share an observation: talking about places in Italy without specifying the region (let alone the province) is so completely decontextualized that whatever is said loses not just a great deal, but an enormously great deal.

What "region" needs to be mentioned, though? Today's? The historic one? They're not always the same thing, so both need to be taken into consideration. The area in question, the Val Camonica, was one of the early "highways" between Italy and northern Europe. The rock art began to be carved already around 7,000 B.C.


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