Friday, August 16, 2013

The Natural History Museum of Milan...thanks, ENI

Dear You,

ENI has been so kind as to offer you free entrance to Milan's civic museums this summer. Have you gone, yet?

Next one on our list is...More......

...the Natural History Museum in the Porta Venezia public park, at the corner of Corso di Porta Venezia and via Palestro.

Outside, the building retains its late 19th century style,...

...inside Rationalism makes the hall and stairwell a light-filled and clean-lined delight.

There are collections of all kinds: minerals, mankind, bugs and...

...animals big and small in new dioramas...

...and the kind of old-fashioned cases that I remember from my childhood...

...and fascinating tidbits, such as the creatures from which the different kinds of scarlet--and their appraised qualities--come from. For the portrait of a cardinal, they have reproduced a painting by Raphael, without any credits, naughty naughty!

Dinosaurs and fossils, of course!

The museum is fairly kid-friendly...what kid doesn't love dinosaurs?!...but there also are a few displays for them, with the help of accompanying adults.

Tired and thirsty? There's a cafè upstairs, and it's handicap accessible (as the museum is...with a bit of difficulty and sending someone upstairs to get the little wheelchair lift going...if it works...). Don't wait too long, though. It closes shortly after the museum.

Right now, some rooms are closed; they're being set up for the popular traveling* "Brain" exhibit that will open in the fall. (*American English doesn't double the "l"...)

Their website isn't in English...goodness, but they'd better get on the ball in time for Expo. Here's a bit of info to help you get started: Tues.-Sun., 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. (last entry, 5 P.M.), closing days: all Mondays and Jan. 1, May 1, Dec. 25. For more info: +39 02 88463280.

Entry costs are reasonable (or free, for certain typical categories), but the surprise is that anyone entering the museum from 2 P.M. on a FRIDAY, or during the last hour of any day the museum is open (i.e., from 4:30 P.M.)...gets in FREE!.


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