Sunday, September 1, 2013

Free yoga class, Friday, October 11, as part of a yoga festival

Curious about yoga and its potential to help us get rid of stress? Me, too.

There's ONE free 50-minute yoga class at 10 A.M. on Friday, the 11th of October, during a three-day session at...More......

...Superstudio più, via Tortona, 27. (I just might go, too.)

How to get there? The place is served by METRO: Linea verde MM2 P.ta Genova or S.Agostino; AUTOBUS: Lines 47 – 59 – 68 – 74 – 90/91; TRAM: Lines 14 – 29/30.

Want someone to draw you a handy map for door-to-door? Try the "GiroMilano" feature on the ATM website (input the street names into the DA (from) and A (to) boxes in the mid-left of the screen, and press "calcola").

Interested in the free class? You'll need to sign up, here (the site's in Italian).

Fee-based classes interest you? Go here for the rest of the program (with a gentle reminder that I get no kickbacks of any kind for mentioning fee-based things).

A little worried about signing up, if you don't understand Italian? Try contacting them, directly. You might get someone who can muddle through a bit of English:

Yogafestival Milano 2013
Milano 20129 – via Goldoni 11 ph 02.76280433
mobile ph 335 7057711

And the snap? Taken on June 29, 2013, in one of Milan's public parks on my way to the JPS la Scuola end-of-the-school-year picnic spot. I should mention that I teach English, there, so that the partially self-serving aspect is perfectly clear!


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