Friday, March 27, 2015

Beware the 29th of's open season for city marathons in Milan, again...beginning with StraMilano

There are a handful of foot race and biking marathons that paralyze Milan a few times a year, and one is about to break on us, again:

StraMilano, Sunday, March 29.

The activities start at around 8:30 A.M., and are supposed to finish around 1 P.M.-ish. In the meantime, it will be practically impossible to drive or take surface transportation, or even sometimes walk, if where you need to go is on the other side of the race course. As the organizers kindly reminded me last year, 'Please encourage people to come out in support of the run.'

O.K., I've done it.

Or sleep in.

It's the morning after the time change in Italy, after all.

Want more info in English about just where it will be run and, heavens you're full of energy, how to participate? Click here.


P.S., I snapped this photo during the StraMilano a couple of years ago, for your non-profit personal pleasure.

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