Monday, April 13, 2015

Public transportation news in Milan (wonderful...finally)

Post after post after post about public transportation strikes in Milan and thought this was going to be another one, didn't you?...More......

I confess, when the original article's title caught my eye, I did, too...then hope began warring with disbelief, until good triumphed over evil: there will be public transportation in Milan 24 hours a day during Expo.

Wait...wait...don't get too excited.

The entire daytime network won't be running all night long. The much reduced late hours service of Friday and Saturday will be extended:

--bus 151 (substitutes M1-metro line 1)
--bus 152 (substitutes M2)
--bus 153 (substitutes M3)
--N42 (Bicocca-Central Train Station)
--N6, N15, N24, N27, N50, N54, N57, N80, N95
--the trams 90 and 91

This is as good a time as any to encourage ATM to extend service every day of the week by at least an hour or two. I'm no night owl, but if I want to go out for dinner and a movie, it's a scary proposition to play beat the public transportation clock in order to be able to watch, eat, chat and get home before the clanging of the clock shortly after midnight turns the ATM employees back into Cindarella's mice.


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