Friday, October 25, 2019 (25 Oct 2019), pretty much everything from public transportation to schools

In honor of a new friend, who likes to blog and take photographs, too, I've come back to you, dear ones, to tell you that there's another strike, today, what's new?

In Milan, the public transport will be striking from 8:45 AM until 3 PM, then again from 6 PM until the end of service (at least in Milan there's a chance of getting to work and back home).

Pretty much everything else is striking, too:...


... planes, trains, schools, public entities (such as museums, offices,...).

Good luck getting anything done, today. At least it's not raining, here, anyway.

Walk around, look at the city, enjoy some pasta and ice cream despite the nip in the air.

The rat race starts back up, again, tomorrow.

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