Friday, November 26, 2010

More than Photoless Friday (07), I should say Imageless Friday

More than "photoless Friday," today I should say "imageless Friday." (And there will be some snow and T-Day comments, too, so do read on...!)...More......

In 1953, using transmitters constructed thanks to the funds provided by the Marshall Plan (!), Italian television began to transmit in black and white.

This morning, in honor of that year, the analog transmissions of RAI (the national Italian television company) in Lombardy shut off a few minutes ago at 7:53 A.M., and simultaneously the digital transmissions began. Now there are only a few stations that still transmit in analog signals...for now. I managed to find one local Italian channel still transmitting in analog, at least for a few minutes more (update: OMG, it takes me this long to write these posts? It's already 9:10 A.M., and that one went off, too!), but for how long? Will have to get a of these days....

Serendipitously, after a gorgeous blue, but chilly, day yesterday, it is supposed to snow this morning (and again day after tomorrow, it is winter, after all), so I think I'll give myself permission to set aside chores and worries, bundle up, and head out with my camera to see what I can find for you.

Oh yes, I also wanted to mention that last night I had the loveliest Thanksgiving Day dinner I have ever had since becoming an ex-pat. Despite the fact that T-day is my favorite American holiday, a time to take stock, muse, and count blessings, and, ahem, to eat--guilt free--some of my favorite things, it always sneaks up on me because there are no external reminders, and then it's too late.

The company was delightful, people quite different one from the other, but open to serene exchanges and warm-hearted smiles. The restaurant had done its best to offer a traditional American-style T-day dinner, with refined touches (how could they resist?), and, I must say, for the most part, they succeeded.

Some small differences were, let's say, acceptable variations (the pumpkin soup was deliciously thick, but the very small portion turned out to be a blessing because it had been a bit overspiced with something, perhaps ginger and/or white pepper, the turkey was a breast with the stuffing rolled up into it...interesting..., while the gravy was too thin, but still tasty, and the cranberry sauce was not only a bit thin, but also VERY tart, but it still was such a comfort, since cranberries are impossible to find here, and the sauce is almost impossible to find), another was a welcome variation (what they called "sweet potatoes"--which I really hate--were not OUR orange gaggingly sweet potatoes, but an oatmeal colored mash of only slightly sweet whatever-it-was, and so it was quite tasty), another two were a bit of a disappointment because of expectations, but in and of themselves very good (pumpkin cheesecake that was my less-preferred mousse-style cheesecake, and not detectably pumpkin-y, while what had been touted as traditional American apple pie was anything but traditional, it was more like a sweet apple pizza, but, what the heck, they were still good), and there was the teentsy-est spoon plop of mashed potatoes that I have ever seen in my entire life (portions in some American restaurants are too gigantic, and facilitate obesity too easily, anyway), but at the end of the dinner, my tummy was, like Goldilock's porridge, just right, not too much and not too little, and my heart glowed with the comforting company.

Just what the doctor ordered.

We thanked the restaurant for the good idea of a thematic dinner, hoping they'll do it, again, and I herewith officially and sincerely thank the delightful friends, who kindly invited me to share their festive table.

It has left a much needed happy glow.

For them, I am thankful.

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