Friday, November 19, 2010

Photoless Friday (06): a sincere fashion/lifestyle question

I just don't get it.

I didn't get the ruined look when it came into style ("You want me to pay three and a half gazillion dollars for a ripped up faded pair of jeans? Tell ya' what, I'll sell you MY ripped up faded jeans off my bod for half that, then go buy myself something that isn't going to fall apart the first time I wash it, or air condition my fanny in undesired areas!")

I really don't get the...More......

...rastafarian look for people whose hair isn't naturally suited for being turned into grungy strips of felt of human-generated protein origin. (Oh, that comment's going to win me friends and fans....)

But I *really* don't get the "let's go out of our way to be ugly" style. You know it when you see it: overwhelming black heavy glasses frames on small delicate faces, be they male, or female; stark white glasses (not sunglasses) frames; clunky enormous tennis shoes that would make an astronaut blush; jacket hems purposefully built to be way out of line right under the buttons; anything novel just for the sake of being novel; tufts and spiky stuff and contrasting jumbles; handbags so floppy and enormous that they are more suited for the baggage carrier belt than a shoulder; logos up the wazoo plastered over every square pixel of surface in a "horror vacuui" not seen since the Hiberno-Saxon manuscript illuminations; anything Vivienne Westwood (oh, there's another comment guaranteed to win me fans).

"But beauty is in the eye of the beholder," "They're expressing the angst of our age," "They're creating a sense of tribe" (that one's scary) and "They're rebelling" are come comebacks that come to mind. So does "The fashion industry has to keep coming up with something new 4 times a year to sell, and anyone without a strong sense of self is prone to buy and wear the emperor's new clothes."

If you can help me understand, REALLY understand, please do.

P.S., I just saw high waisted pants for women on a runway...the Cosmos be praised...hiphuggers feel like they're constantly falling off (for lots they do, providing oh so entertaining views...), and make even the smallest behinds look like two tons of grain in a couple of gunny sacks.

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