Sunday, February 3, 2013

Den of ubiquity

Great! You're finally in Italy. You've tried for so long to get here.

And now you've got a run in your nylons....More......

No problem, right?


If you're used to the U.S. system of rating nylons in summer weight, sheers, regular nylons and tights, you're in for a surprise.

Ain't nuttin' like that on the Italian shelves. Anywhere.

And there ain't no samples to feel, either. Well, usually.!

The first thing to look for on a package of nylons (called "collant," pronounced French-style without the final "t") is the big number followed by the abbreviation "den"...for "density."

The next is to get an idea of what these numbers mean.

"20" is regular nylon density, anything lower is a kind of sheer, while anything higher is a kind of "tight." "30" is a kind of regular tight, while "40" is more like a heavy tight, and "50" are as heavy as clinical compression stockings.

And now you know.

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