Friday, February 1, 2013

How I spend my about you?

One of my favorite bloggers, the Suburban Matron, put up a pie chart about her daily activities, and that inspired me to hunt up a free pie chart generator online for which you don't have to register to use. Here's my chart!

The one I liked best was


Besides the fact that it's really easy to use and gives handy info (such as the pixel size of it's three size choices and the HTML color codes of the easily clickable colors), it also allows you to give a title to the graphic (surprisingly, not all I tried did!), it gives a really sweet clean little image, and, finally, it has lines drawn to the pie chart sections. Not all of the baker's dozen of sites that I tried do that. It makes it easier to read the chart.


Little niggling things: (1) if you want to pre-calculate in percentages so that the total is one hundred, you have to keep track of the total, yourself; (2) the number values are not automatically inserted into the graphic, if you want them, you have to put them into the item titles, (3) it's not possible to save the chart as a file, or get the chart as a graphic, but that's easy to solve doing a bit of copying, cutting and pasting, (4) the title line boxes are not self-limiting in length, so if you put in a title that is too long, it just gets cut off--but that's a niggling point because it's easy to edit and re-generate the graphic.

How can I justify spending more than 2 precious hours doing this, this morning?

Why...for its potential for my ESL-English as a Second Language classes, of course!



Becky said...

Nice work, that looks great! I think I will try that chart maker, I like that nice 3D image it gives. Thanks for the shout out!

Star said...

You're welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours!

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