Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June 2...Happy Birthday, Italy

It's almost the weekend, again! What to do?! Check these out:...More......

First and foremost...Happy Birthday to the Italian Republic voted into existence the year after the close of WWII and remembered every year on the 2nd of June, the first day of the vote. In honor of this important anniversary, the Province of Milan coordinates its rotating hours opening the mansion in which it has been housed since 1935. Free tours in Italian in the afternoon (the last one leaves at 6 P.M.). See the web page for more info. Curious about Italy's (moving and beautiful) official constitution (based on a concept that rings loudly today: the right to work)? Head to the official page of the Republic of Italy that has been partially translated into English. You'll find yourself with a long biography of our current president, Napolitano. Links to the official documents (in English!) are found on the right.

Opera fan?! Verdi's "Aida" is playing (8:30 P.M.) at the Teatro San Babila until the 2nd of June. Tickets reasonably priced at E. 25 - E. 35.

Got a sweet tooth? The ice cream festival in the Piazza del Duomo lasts until June 2.

Like classic commercials? Head out to Wow Spazio Fumetto for the last days celebrating "Carosello" (Carousel), the beloved series running for two decades.

Tastes run more to cartoons and manga? The exhibit, running at the Rotonda of the Besana until the 9th of June, is for you: Naruto. Not so fond of cartoons and manga? Keep your eyes open for the calendar of exhibits in this space. It's a deconsecrated church, and worth visiting just to experience the interior and the grounds, once dedicated to those deceased at the historic central hospital, the Ospedale Maggiore, until the functions were transferred to the then new Ospedale Maggiore called Niguarda.

Like creating things of your own, or collecting old bits and pieces? The hobbyist fair near the Bocconi university is for you.

More interested in design? The Triennale, dedicated to design from its very foundation in the 1930s, has a few interesting exhibits running for quite a few months more. To cite just one, how about the one dedicated to the influence of design.

That'll keep you busy! Enjoy!

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Margaret said...

They all look fun to me.

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