Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Anna Maria collection...backwards from objects #4 and #5

This is #4....More......

I was sure that I already had posted the first three much-prized objects in my Anna Maria collection.

Can't find them, though, so must not have done it. I'll start with numbers 4 and 5, then hunt out the images for the first three, or just snap new ones.

Here's #4 made with the top of my "J'Adore" perfume bottle turned into the crystal ball, and then into an adorable fortune teller and a lovely surprise for me.

What was the inspiration for this delightful little fellow with a tassle-less fez? A ribbon, which I had put around a borrowed book to keep it from getting ruined in transit in my purse on the way back to its rightful owner, became the neck ruff.

I absolutely ADORE these little pieces that my friend, Anna Maria, makes out of recycled bits and pieces.

Nutshells become heads.

Pins become buttons.

Eyelets become earrings.

Snippets of ribbon and cloth become rich robes.

Recycled fragments become adorable little people with expressive and communicative eyes.

They are so endearing and whimsical.

Thank you, Anna Maria!

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