Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Native speaker nattering in Milan

A comment today on a preceding blog post asked, "Whom can I talk to in English about living in Milan?"

There are a few places you can go to start looking for native (and non-native) speakers of English in town with whom you can chat about living here.

First of all,...More......

...if you're a woman, you can try the Benvenuto Club. The ladies belonging to this club often have lived here for years, or are here at least for the few years that their managerial-level husband has been sent to Milan.

Next, you might contact your country's consulate in town. Look them up under "Consolato" in the white pages. Their websites probably have handy helpful hints, too.

Easy Milano is a free classified ads-style publication in English with paid and free ads of all sorts, including things to see, do, eat and drink, as well as helpful services. You can find it around town, or browse the online version.

Input "speak English Milan" into your browers, and lots of notices about English-speaking clubs (mixed native and non-native speakers) come up.

Ditto for "Living in Milan"...lots of links to posts in ex-pat blogs will help you.

News about Milan in English also is available on the new site Milano Loves You...where my blog also is featured on the guest writers and Milano lovers page. The shorthand way to refer to the site and project is: "M_Y".

The same editorial company also produces Where Milan, a handy upscale guide in English to being a tourist in Milan...for the month in question, so you need to keep consulting it. Where to find it? Online, of course, and in the lobbies of hotels. I'll bet it's in the official tourist office, too: corner of Piazza Cairoli and Foro Bonaparte.

There, that will get you started!


P.S., I get no kickbacks of any kind for mentioning any of the above, and would have mentioned "Milano Loves You"...new on the scene...and "Where Milan" (which I have mentioned already in this blog several times even before my association with "M_Y") even if my blog weren't featured on "M_Y". I'm just sayin', to keep things clear!

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