Friday, November 28, 2014

In Milan? Do something sweet...for yourself, friends, family, and for sufferers of Aspergers, beginning Dec. 1st

From Monday, the first of December, until Friday, the 12th, you can kill three birds with one stone: get a yummy 'small bakery' panettone instead of an industrial one (or a very costly fancy bakery one), build up brownie points with family and friends, AND help out kids with Asperger's syndrome....More......

The "Casa del pane 1921" ('The House of Bread 1921') at Humanitar/Umanitaria already helps out people in need by giving jobs and training to people with intellectual difficulties. So, that's brownie point number 4.

This year, part of the profits from the sale of the reasonably priced panettone (E. 16 each, I immagine for a half a kilo, the standard size) will go not only to the "Casa del pane 1921" to help their outreach, but part also will go to Casa Riccardo for kids with Aspergers. (I suspect that you'd better bring cash.)

Can't get better then this.

Humaniter/Umanitaria, via S. Barnaba 48 (immediately behind the Tribunale)
Go upstairs to the first floor. Sales will take place there.

P.S., the image is taken from Humaniter's info!

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