Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stumped for Xmas gifts? Artigianato in Fiera has high-quality crafts from all over the world

Not another tie ... no, please ... CDs? ... I guess ... if they're chosen with the recipient's taste in mind ... a good bottle of Italian wine? ... usually a good idea, but you never know about personal problems, do you? ... Diamonds? ... a girl's best friend, but you should check out their origin, first ....

Christmas shopping is getting complicated.

Uncomplicate your life: go to the L'Artigianato in Fiera at the new Rho-Pero site in Milan, beginning today! And the web site is in English!

Check it out for details...maybe we'll see each other there!


(Image captured from their web site...obviously...and I don't get any kind of kick-back whatsoever...equally obviously, but better to be clear.)

1 comment:

Jenny P said...

Thank you for the reminder and for all the transport strike updates.

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