Friday, December 10, 2010

Photoless Friday (07)

I've been thinking some very uncharitable thoughts, lately.

Call them the result of some cosmically sized Curve Balls of Life.

No excuse, it's not even like me, I'm just explainin'.

So, on this Photoless Friday, let me count some more blessings to put my head and heart back onto the right track....More......

--I'm deeply grateful for the flash of the intense father-little son mutual adoration that whipped past me (rather I whipped past it, since I was the one on the tram) a couple of weeks, ago. It was a "life is worth living, humanity is good, and it just might survive" moment that was much needed in that split second, and continues to well up with the comfort it brings. Both were totally focused on each other, giggling happily with the "mere-ness" of each others' presence and playfulness.

--I'm deeply grateful for today's crisp clear blue sky and happy bright (if not warm) sun, after dayzzzzz of rain and gray.

--I'm profoundly and sincerely grateful for a warm, dry and clean place to live (I may be less enthusiastic about the "warm" part come summertime, but by then there will be lots more other blessings to count).

--Even on Photoless Friday, I'm also profoundly grateful for my digital camera. It gets me outside, walking, and sharpens my senses, my attention span. It gives me a purpose, and liberates me to snap away without the fear of wasting film. Pure joy.

--I'm grateful to Blogger and Google (no, really I am) for making it possible for me to do this blog, free-of-charge.

Will save others for a (literally?) rainy day.

And you?

1 comment:

Margaret said...

I've been thinking uncharitable thoughts too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

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