Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nation-wide strike of local train services, tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 17

The Italians fear Friday the 17th as we do Friday the 13th.

And there's going to be more public transportation strikes, tomorrow. Is it a coincidence? Maybe and maybe not.

They will last part of the day, and vary in times from area to area.

Here's what the official national train company, Trenitalia, has to say about service during strikes (it's in English, yeah!):

In case you read Italian, here's the page (only in Italian, booooo!) on the Trenord local train service for northern Lombardy about their guaranteed trains during strikes: Wanna try your luck on getting an English-speaking operator? Their toll-free help line is: 800.500.005.

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Margaret said...

When I studied in Siena over 20 years ago there were train strikes all the time. I see little has changed.

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