Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food fan? Milan Food Week May 19-27 is for you!

Do you devour food magazines?

Do you sip food web sites?

Then Milan Food Week is for you! Held throughout town from...More......

...the 19th of May (International Food Day) 'til the 27th of the same month, it will keep Milan cooking!

(Oh my god, will you stop with these food allusions, already?! ... Sorry, it was just too tasty to resist!)

When and where you ask?

Here's the official web site, and it looks pretty clear to navigate (for instance, the map with the sites appears on the home page), even if you don't speak short-sighted of them not to have a mirror site in English. Sigh.

I know we're in Italy, and people coming here should make an effort to communicate in Italian. I agree 100%, but the web is international, and it would be nice to try to attract international visitors to the city, too.

This isn't rocket science, folks! Get with the program!


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