Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Fan? Yet another -- overlapping -- big food event in Milan: Taste of Milano, May 17-20

Food events galore...Milan must be trying to get ready for the 2015 Expo, which will concentrate on food and energy resources. Here's another one: Taste of Milano...More...

Four days of food-packed fun at the Ippodromo (horse-racing stadium), and bring the kids! There'll be a safe kid-zone where you can drop them off while tasting food and wine in this third edition of the festival that also takes place in other lovely cities around the world. (How to get to the Ippodromo, and what other delights await you there? See my

If you want to look the food fest up, don't forget the "o" at the end of "Milano," otherwise, you'll end up with a completely different web site.

Hey, kudos! They have a version in English, where you can learn more:


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Margaret said...

Now that sounds deliciously fun.

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