Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tired? Want a soda or sandwich with a view (and AC)? Look no more: Le Jardin d'Histoire

There we were, my friend and I, walking (preferably on the shady side of the street), chatting, getting caught up after the holidays, and I got so thirsty all I could think of was a cool soda in a cool place where I could sit. Our first choice was closed, heading back in the general direction of home, our second choice was way too crowded and noisy. A light went on over my friend's head, and she said, "Hey, there's a café on the top of the Natural History Museum, and it's just over there!" (Cosmos bless her!)...More......

We went up the steps of the front entrance (Corso Venezia, 55, on the park's corner with via Palestro), told the ladies of the Biglietteria (Ticket Counter) that we wanted to go to the "bar" (don't get confused, they're what we would call a kind of "coffee shop" with a bit of eats), so she sent us to the (service!) elevator and to the 4th floor, where this delightful little place, not quite chic, but certainly not shabby, awaits. (Heading the other direction sends you into the museum for which there is a reasonable fee...and lots of fun and interesting stuff to see, so go there, too!)

You have your choice of typical bar tables and chairs and a teeeny glimpse of the towers of San Carlo and the Duomo from the open air porch (which, on Saturday, was tooooo hot), or...

...the semi-frozen AC'd interior with surprisingly stylish wicker furniture (not quite visible in the photo due to the blast of light) and large glass window disturbed a bit with Johnny-come-lately tacky bits...just enough to make the chic palatable and fun.

It was just the right place, quiet and cool with chairs and tables, at just the right moment.

Want more practical info about the cafè? Here's the official civic web site (the museum belongs to the city) which isn't in English--booooo!--but it does have the phone number and hours (the cafè is inside the museum, so observes their hours):

As usual, all pictures are mine, and are for your personal non-commercial enjoyment. The first photo of the Renoir exhibit in nearby Pavia was a wonderful stroke of luck: shade from an overhanging tree perfectly aligned with the shade of the lovely lady's umbrella. Fun!


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