Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 & gratitude

12 things for which I'm profoundly grateful:...More...

1) 15 marvelous unforgetable spiritually enriching years with my dear sweet Mario, whose death in 2010 unleashed a broad, deep, swift-flowing, icy, subterranean river slowly being bridged with the help of...

2) ...dear family

3) ...dear and inspiring friends among whom I count my co-workers and students

4) ...and work & studies...

5) ...that I love;

6) utilities

7) a home with a clean bed and a full fridge

8) efficient public transportation

9) health

10) reading

11) computers

12) internet

How 'bout you?


(Image: my handsome Meyer grandparents in about the 1930s...thank you for the picture, Uncle Pete and Aunt Darlene!)

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