Friday, December 7, 2012

Professional crafts in time for Christmas until 9 December

Today, December 7, is Milan's patron saint day, dedicated to St. Ambrose, a very interesting character, indeed. Sent to Milan, then the de facto capital of the western Roman empire, to be governor, a crisis in the Christian church brought him, by popular acclaim, to be bishop (we say "archbishop," but--in fact--that position wasn't created for Milan until centuries later). Learned and gifted with an exceptionally forceful personality, he single-handedly affected the history of Christianity, profoundly.

But the post isn't about him.

The post is about...More...

...getting that special something and favoring professional crafts at the same time.

You still can do it in Milan until the 9th of December at the Rho-Pera seat of the trade fair (remember...there is a special metro ticket to pay because it's outside the city limit).

Want more info?

Cosmos bless them...their site is in English.


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