Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeling a bit heavy after all that holiday eating? How about some sport and biking?

Pants just a bit too tight? Jacket snugger than before?

How about a bit of sport and biking in Milan and the suburbs ("hinterland") to help you knock off those holiday pounds?!...More......

Like to go biking, but don't know how the streets are going to be from the point-of-view of a ciclist?

Try Milano Bici Map! At the top of the query window is a little pop-up menu where you can choose "EN"! Yeah! The query boxes even accept--sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English--some well known destinations without particular addresses (ex., Castello Sforzesco / Sforza Castle). Hit your "send" button, and the directions appear in the little window below the search boxes, while the suggested path appears on the map on the right.

Want to know where the civic gym is near you? Hey, the prices are pretty good, and the structure and equipment should be at least acceptable. The flash menu offers an amazing variety of stuff to do, from rugby, soccer and tumbling to bridge (yeah, the card won't burn off lots of calories doing that!). The site's only in Italian, but try it anyway: tooplay. (It is annoying, though, that they've used "too" instead of "to".)


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