Friday, January 4, 2013

More Chiaravalle...tris..."Here my are!"

There are lots of Latin words still in daily use, here, and "bis" (pronounced "beece" by today's Italians and meaning "twice") was one of the first that I learned, together with "tris" ("treece", which really means "three", but is commonly used for "thrice"). So, after the first and the second posts on Chiaravalle, one of the beautiful abbeys just outside Milan, here is yet another...but with new photos snapped this afternoon passed delightfully with another very nice friend (thanks, Sonia!)....More......

The courtyard was lovely and peaceful, as usual, though I was startled by a young white robed monk rushing past me in a gloomy room.

The curious knotted corner columns typical of Cistercian architecture caught our attention. I can't remember what they signify, but an educated guess would be something to do with the knotted cord belt of their habits, remembering sacrifices of all sorts.

The female visitors, as you'll learn in the previous messages, had to stop at the lady's chapel just inside the compound. By now, women can come into the church, just as the male visitors, can. "Here my are!" reflected in the Chapterhouse window.

Got a not-so-bad snap of the Madonna at the top of the stairs leading to the monks' quarters. That is off-limits for all visitors. Happy, considering that all the previous ones I have snapped have been fuzzy. I'll hold off sharing it 'til I can get a better one, though.

In the meantime, let me leave you with a snap up into the fairly recently restored dome just below which you can see the "Annunciation" of my husband's favorite images as evocative of the union of spirit and matter.


(These pictures were taken with your personal, non-commercial enjoyment in mind.)


ellen b. said...

I'm happy to have found your blog. I'll be traveling with my husband to Milan in March and wanted to see glimpses of things I shouldn't miss. He will be at a conference so I'll be navigating around on my own with my camera. Beautiful photos!!

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