Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Milanese watch bunny in springtime

You never know when your ceramic dog is going to be stolen, so video cameras and watch bunnies are a good idea....More......

It also was watching over this fluffy colorful herd of sheep.

Today started out a bit gray and spitting rain, but by noon was lovely enough for a post-lunch walk.

Enjoying the sun and the fresh clean air, we walked past what's left of Milan's once extensive Navigli (canals). (I'd like to try eating here!) Did you know that Milan was once surrounded by and criss-crossed with canals that were begun by the ancient Romans extending the natural waterways? Expanded right up through the medieval and (long) Renaissance periods, they were still in use until the early 20th century, when the increased car population (and perhaps the need to sell cars and tires), along with a mosquito-driven health concern, caused the closure in town of all but two of the Navigli by the 1930s.

A little papal-tiara-like cut glass lamp on the snazzy table of a fancy schmancy restaurant is a happy occasion for a new "Here my are!"


1 comment:

chris said...

love the watch bunny! it's beautiful!! Happy April to you!

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