Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beware...another marathon is on its way through Milan: Sunday, April 7

Were you thinking about getting out and about next Sunday, to make up for the Easter holiday?

Forget it. Make other plans. Wander about in your own neighborhood. Spend time with family. Walk the dog.

There's another marathon headed through Milan on Sunday, April 7th. For details, times, and map, go here.

Don't forget to check ATM's pages (in English) for any public transportation changes.

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Star said...

The organizers asked me to add--and I do it, happily--a call to cheer on the runners, as they pass: "Go, go, go!"

(It's been awhile since the last reminder, so this also gives me the chance to mention that I get no kick-back of any kind for my opinions that I express in my posts.)

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