Saturday, April 6, 2013

LILT-ing "Going...going...gone!" on Wednesday, the 10th of April

You know by now that I can't resist word play.

LILT is the Italian association...More......

...raising funds for tumor research and for aiding families with small children struck by tumors. It's a good cause, folks.

Here's your chance to contribute, have some fun and take something desirable home: Art & Heart (info in English, yeah!).

It's an auction (in Italian, of course)--co-sponsered by Milan Loves You, WhereMilan, Hortus2015 and, of course, LILT in Milan--of donated art works that will start at 6:30 P.M. this coming Wednesday the 10th in the Sala Spazio Ponte room of the Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4 (easily reached with public transportation, use GiroMilano to find out how to get there by tram or bus).

After the auction, there will be eco-sustainable nibbles offered by Proloco Dorno, the non-profit association founded to disseminate information about the city of Dorno and its territory, followed by Hortus2015's presentation of a project to improve "The Garden of the Just" ("Il giardino dei giusti") inaugurated in 2003--the first of its kind in Italy, and the fifth in the world--dedicated to the memory of those who opposed crimes against humanity in the 20th century, but whose efforts fell on deaf ears at the time. The garden is located in Viale dei Giusti that runs through Parco Monte Stella ("Star Mountain Park") in the QT8 quarter in the northwest area of Milan.

The days are longer, now, somehow it's easier to be out and about 'til later. Take advantage of that post-work burst of energy, feast your eyes on some art, your palate on some risotto and your soul on memorable contributions to humanity.


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Star said...

Here's the link to the info (in Italian) on the LILT web site:

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