Friday, October 1, 2010

Here my are! (02)

Here I am with "Fiorello", one of Italy's favorite young showmen, a real natural. He also appeared in a series of much loved advertisements with an elderly and also much loved showman, Mike Buongiorno, recently deceased. A few subsequent ads for the same company with only Fiorello were successful, at least I think so, so I don't understand why...More...

...the ad and product companies felt the need to create another sidekick for Fiorello. Since Mike would be virtually impossible to replace with a real person, they invented a giant mole (!) named "Ugo," whom Fiorello invites to not bury his head in the ground, but to buy this product, instead.

It's weak, but maybe it's just new.

Sunday, the 26th of September, 2010, when I snapped this shot for you at 4:50 P.M., was overcast, so, except for this and one other snap, most of my photos for that day are what I call "work shots": views of art/architectural stuff, which might come in handy as a reference should I not make it back on a sunny day, but which won't be pleasing enough to share.

We had a few, but busy, beautiful days, and now that it's the weekend, and I could wander about snapping pics, it's overcast, again.

Oh well, I really did need to clean my desk, anyway....

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