Friday, October 1, 2010

Mind your Manners (01): sidewalks and other tight spaces

To spare you grief (I'm sure you've got plenty enough of your own), I had decided not to turn my blog into My Private Rant Space. I was able to resist until grumbling about litter. Now I want to grumble about space, personal and urban...More......

The sidewalks in my town mostly are decently sized.

If the pedestrians are polite, there is room for traffic going both ways.

It's really not so very hard, folks.

If you are walking with a friend or a loved one, whether arm in arm or just flanking each other, keep close together and to one side, don't dawdle.

If you're walking alone, stay to one side.

Whether alone, or together with one or more people, think before planting yourself like a 1000-year old Sequoia in the middle, arms akimbo, blocking all traffic in both directions, as you paw in your purse/pocket/brief case for the cell phone, a cigarette, whatever. What does it cost you to move aside a few inches/centimeters to let others pass, while you search for the Holy Grail in your over-sized, over full bag?!

No man is an island.

The sidewalk belongs to everyone, not just to you.

(I snapped this photo on Sunday the 26th at 5 P.M. in Corso Buenos Aires. These two ladies could have been more polite, but I've seen and experienced worse.)

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