Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here my are! (03)

I have a cold. (Curses on whoever it was sneezing--without covering their mouth--on the subway the other day...did you know that germs can live for hours in teentsy water droplets after being sneezed?)...More......

I hope to feel better tomorrow, but, in the meantime, I've decided to stay indoors, today.

Anyway, it's raining.

So here's a new "Here my are!" snapped yesterday, Saturday the 16th of October, before noon, in the cloistered walkway of Chiaravalle, one of the monasteries just outside of Milan.

If you're coming to town, don't miss it, it's gorgeous--the 14th century post-Giotto frescoes in the church crossing have finally been uncovered after years of restoration--and their little shop sells marvie stuff made by the monks of this and other monasteries. I got some great face creams, which I've been using happily for years, but there also are herbal teas, wine, beer, and various health and beauty concoctions for sale at (usually modest) prices.

Oh, and they accept ATM cards (called "bancomat"), in case you're short of cash.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Sorry about the cold. Curse the sneezer!

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