Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couldn't resist..."My Milan (Italy)" has been named one of the best 150 blogs about Italy! Yeah!--YET ANOTHER UPDATE

Moving mania still reigns, but here's an update to the link reference confusion.

A link to my blog "My Milan (Italy)" was added to a list called "Top 150+ best Italy blogs" on a web site dedicated to Italy.

The links content (including the link to my blog) seemed just like the link list on the wonderful web site of Sheila: In fact, I had thought that it was HER, just revamping her site for whatever reason.

Sheila thinks they copied the link list from her blog on Italy: (Too bad I hadn't seen this message, first....)

They have communicated privately to me that they did not take the list from Sheila's blog, and that overlap is inevitable.

However, to avoid confusion and hard feelings, and since I had given Sheila permission to put a link to my blog on her web site, first, I have asked the other website to take off the link to my blog, and they have done it promptly.

I'm sorry to miss the exposure, but I'd be sorrier still to be in the middle of this misunderstanding, particularly since I had given permission first to Sheila.

And that's that!

(message updated 24 Jan 2011)


Sheila said...

I hope I don't disappoint you, but did you by any chance read my post I'm afraid it was my list they stole!

Star said...

Sheila, I somehow thought that the new updated looking web site was yours, just being proposed in a new way. The link you included is not opening for some reason.

I'm disappointed, of course, because I would like more exposure for my blog, but I'm sure you're even more upset--rightly so--for having all your work stolen. It would have been helpful had you written individually to all of us on your list warning us, but what's done is done, and I will write them immediately, telling them to take me off their list. Thank you for writing, really!

Star said...

As quick as lightning, I wrote to ItaloSearch as promised.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I can't figure out why I hadn't put your blog in my links lists, already, both on the blog, itself, and for the blogs I now it's in both!

Thanks, again!

Margaret said...

These things do happen. It's pretty unethical.

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