Saturday, January 8, 2011

So, it's a New Year

So, it's a New Year.

Too much whirling around to make resolutions? Here's another possibility to add to the whirl...More......

I'll give you a hint. The sculpture is called "To Blood Donors" ("Al donatore di sangue"), by Eva Olah Arre', 1994, and is on the far side of the park on Corso XXII Marzo (so far that it's visible only from the other side).

The sun and clear blue sky was a relief, after a rainy few days around Christmas, but didn't last long. Epiphany has come and gone, but the drizzle remains.

I snapped the photo on January 1st, 2011 at about 3:45 P.M.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Love this sculpture. Love the foot sliding up onto the other.

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