Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interesting gas stations

Here's the other interesting gas station, also "on," or at least only a handful of meters away from, Piazzale Accursio. It's harder to date, but could be from the post-modern period (that is, from the 1980s onward) when the nearby districts began growing as bedroom communities.

See my, the first of the series (perhaps there'll be more!), for the whys and wherefore's.

Like the previous photo, this one was snapped on the 11th of December, around 12:30 P.M.



etta said...

Unfortunately we do not have in Milan a gas station like the one painted by Edward Hopper: it would be interesting to see one of your photos snapped to the same subject.

SQUEAKY said...

I was impressed by your comment on my comment on old picture of the day. I enjoyed your pictures and will be looking forward to seeing more.
I live in a little town in Texas. Bandera, Texas. Yes, we have cowboys here. We call it the Cowboy Capitol of the world.

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