Sunday, October 7, 2012

A cheesy opportunity to help the earthquake victims in Emilia Romagna

When I heard about the potential for enormous loss of one of Italy's national treasures, Parmigiano Reggiano, and its consequent economic blow to the cheesemakers and the related businesses, I thought, "Why don't they get organized, and sell their wheels of cheese at a discounted price?"...More......

That happened pretty quickly.

IF you had a car to get there.

And IF you were willing to buy an entire wheel of real parmesan cheese. (Don't ask me how many pounds they are...surely as much as a medium-sized dog...and seventy-million times more expensive.)

So, my next thought was, "Why doesn't some big supermarket chain step in, buy up bunches, cut them up, package them, distribute them to local stores, and sell them for the cost. Making no economic profit on it would be a big PR boon.

It's been how many months since the earthquake, and I hadn't heard anything along these lines until I gave into temptation (time to confess!), and stepped into McDonald's the other day.

For only 5 Euros you can buy a reasonably-sized piece of real Parmesan cheese. 4 Euros covers the costs. The remaining Euro is donated free and clear to the cheesemakers.

Good goin', McDonalds!


Margaret said...

I'm all for helping the cheese makers. Cheese good.

Star said...

Dear Margaret, did Scout sneak onto your computer, and add that last comment? :-)

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