Monday, October 15, 2012

What I did with my (2012) summer vacation (n. 5)

Last stop to visit a couple of dear friends on the way back home. Here we are on the Massachusetts coast. The day started out a bit dreary, but lightened up, and the days passed really quickly there, too....More......

It even got warm enough to eat outside at least once.

One day was spent getting reaquainted with one friend, who lives in a nearby (absolutely adorable) town (perched on the promontory in the distance).

Another day was gobbled up by a road trip to a nearby town to see a Russian icon museum (very interesting). The inbetween times were spent going to a few museums in town and just chatting and hanging out with dear friends, one who put me up while there, the other who came out to see me. My dearest thanks to you both.

Vacation was so exhausting--three days with this relative, four days with that, a handful of days with friends--, that, once back in Italy I had to spend a quiet week with other friends just to recuperate. Heartfelt thanks to you, too!

Snapped on the sly during a restaurant dinner, this shot of my friend's snazzy shoes is one of my favorites.

Finally peace and quiet...time (not on a plane or train) with a good before the storm of going back to work.

"I'm back in the saddle, again!"

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