Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lovely afternoon walk...are you coming along?

Finished work, took the metro home, set down the briefcase and gulped a quick lunch. Was afraid to sit for too long. Afraid that I'd get too relaxed, and give up going out for a walk with my camera. Wanted to go especially because I haven't been for quite awhile, and Saturday afternoons are one of my best times for walks, but next Saturday might be rainy. Glad I went. Hope you will be, too....More......

Skirted the construction area in front of my house to get to the area on the other side of the 'vecchia Fiera' ('old conference area'), still partly in use, but...

...being turned into a super expensive residential area (so far from downtown? without--to-date--good direct public transportation to downtown? the planned metro doesn't look like it's going to be all that helpful except for getting to the Monumental Cemetery, called an open-air museum for the beauty of its monuments). Heaven help us, one of the designer-name buildings-in-progress has windows like a car. This one has oddly formed ugly balconies (why do things have to be asymmetrical and odd to be considered modern?).

Lovely little snarling lion passed along the way in the 1930s neighborhood on the other side of those horrors. The buildings have clean modernist lines touched with an Art Deco taste for stream-lining and with a hint of figurative art to soften the geometry. (There are lessons to be learned here, calling all architects.)

My kind of plants.

Detail of a historical style building on Piazzale Lotto (graced, too, with the 1930s "Lido of Milano" sports structure), not far from San Siro and the so-called horse of Leonardo da Vinci.

Porta Teodorico of what's left of the Fiera in the city of Milan (the new convention center is in the nearby suburb of Rho-Pero)

Almost back to Piazza Domodossola, here's a snippet of the 1920s original entrance buildings. Looks like they're going to refurbish these, rather than tear them down. Yeah!

Almost home, here's the form, affectionarly called a "panettone" after the traditional Milanese Christmas-time dessert of the same name, to block car traffic.

As great as stretching my legs in the warm sunny air of an Indian summer afternoon was, after an hour and a half it was time to get home, make some calls, and download my photos.


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