Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Here my are!," it's Thanksgiving Day, my favorite holiday...

...because it means a paid day off, relaxing with loved ones and eating scrumptious calorie-laden food guilt-free....More......

Well, it *did* mean a paid day's not observed in Italy, so that's a no go.

No family close by, either, but they are just a Skype call away, so no complaining (well, not much).

And the T-Day calories (if not turkey) have been put off 'til Sunday's brunch with sweet friends.

Nothing but work planned for today...but I'm not complaining in the least. Let's start the "I'm grateful for..." list with that.

I'm grateful I have a job, and even more grateful because it's a job I enjoy and my co-workers and students (mostly) nourish my soul.

I'm grateful that I'm in relatively good health, and--despite the usual aches and pains just about everyone has--I can walk, I can breathe, I can move around and do things for myself without hindrances.

I'm grateful that I have a clean warm bed; a clean, warm and quiet home; internet and a computer (how would I work without these, anymore?!) and that I still can open my heart to the little joys and beauties around me.

And though the Cosmos has not been very kind to me in these last two years, I have a new reason to be grateful. As a friend just said to me the other day, "I'm grateful even for the disasters that haven't come my way."

"Here my are!" wishing you a Happy (and grateful) Thanksgiving.


(Photo: I snapped it not too long ago in via San Michele del Carso for your personal non-commercial pleasure.)

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