Sunday, November 11, 2012

Want something fun to do in Milan this weekend? Beware...

...and plan ahead: another car-free day for Milan is planned for Sunday, the 17th of November (and nice weather has been predicted at least for Saturday, yeah!)....More......

For museum fun, there are a few big ones in town: "Constantine 313 A.D." 'til the 17th of March 2013 at the Palazzo Reale next to the Duomo (I really am looking forward to seeing this one in honor of the Edict of Constantine of 313 A.D. that legitimized Christianity, though it didn't impose it--as many erroneously believe--as the official state religion), Pablo Picasso (ho-hum...again?!) 'til the 6th of January at the Palazzo Reale next to the Duomo, and a show about Giovanni Bellini at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum until the 25th of February (I am looking forward to this one, too, but I hear it only has a few pieces gathered to highlight their Bellini...that's O.K. with me!).

Want something to do with the kids? How about a book illustration exhibit called "From Pinocchio to Harry Potter"? It's in the Visconti rooms at the Sforza Castle. No info, in English, I'm afraid, but here's the castle exhibits page in Italian. (For grown-ups, there's also info about the black-and-white photo exhibit at the castle, too.)

You've done that, and the kidlets still are sparking with energy? How about "G come giocare" (the equivalent of "P as in Play")? Three full days, from the 16th to the 18th of November, from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. in which the kids can go hog of charge (well, at least the entrance!). Where? Fieramilanocity (the newer part of the old convention center in town), entrance Porta Teodorico near MM1-Lotto. For more information their (Italian only, sigh) web site also has a "How to get here" page called "Come arrivare" (at least the maps will be intelligible), or a free number to call, hoping someone will be able to spit out a little bit of English: 800-126-970 (yes, there are only 9 numbers). The site itself is kinda fun: the kids can click and drag stuff around the center's building gussied up as if it were a medieval castle and, if they/you register, they will be able to vote for their favorite game.

You'll have to decide if your kids literally can stomach "The Body Worlds" exhibit at the Fabbrica del Vapore across the street (not coincidentally?) from the Monumental Cemetery. I *think* it's an exhibit of the preserved bodies, stripped of their skin, of real people who donated themselves for this...but I'm too squeamish to look into it any further. Might be educational, though. I don't see any info about it on the Fabbrica del Vapore web site, so here's The Body Worlds web Italian. might leave never wanting to eat meat, have been warned.

"MilanoMese," the free publication with a rich rich list of things to do in Milan is...may I have a drum roll, available as a free app! Go here for an overview in English, or go to the English-language tourism home page of the Province of Milan, and download it (there apparently are a few choices of formats...I'm still a bit behind the times, so I can't test it out for you, yet).

While you're at it...another big drum roll, please!...there also are free augmented reality Jeco tours available for your smartphones (and soon for androids) for Milan and for the Idroscalo. You'll first need to download the free Jeco Guides app from the iPhone store. Once you've downloaded it, if you want the one for the Idroscalo, just search on that term. If you want the one for downtown Milan, search on "Nel cuore di Milano"...and have fun!

Hungry with all that activity? Milano Restaurant eats for a flat E. 25 (including a whole whopping 1 Euro to charity, gee, guys, how generous of you...)... lasts until the 18th of November. I found info in--sigh--Italian.

Exhausted, yet?

I am!


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