Saturday, November 3, 2012

I want our bits and pieces back, too

Greece wants bits and pieces back from the British Museum.

Turkey now wants bits and pieces back from the Louvre.

Italy should demand its bits and pieces back from the Louvre, too....More......

Unfortunately, those bits and pieces won't include the "Mona Lisa." Leonardo, himself, took it to France when he moved there to accept the gracious hospitality of the French king.


But there are lots of other things that Napoleon had stripped from homes and churches (and conveniently deconsecrated churches) and carted back to Paris for himself.

Those things are snugly housed in the Louvre.

O.K., after his fall an agreement was found, and some of the bits were returned, but they all should have been returned.

Including this Titian, once in the chapel of the Confraternity of the Holy Crown of Thorns in Santa Maria delle Grazie (the church in whose refectory reigns Leonardo's "Last Supper").

War booty is war booty is war booty.

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