Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Milanese Gelato Showdown (01)

I promised a few posts back that I'd sacrifice myself for you, and sample gelatos (the plural really is "gelati" in Italian, pronounced "jeh-LAH-tee") in Milan. Well, it took me awhile to work up the courage, but I finally did....More......

So here is the first of the reviews.

Which gelato shops ("gelaterie") you ask? Some come from my own personal wanderings, but most come from the list (in Italian) on the web site for the Corriere della Sera, a newspaper printed in Milan, and one of Italy's most important papers. They ought to be with serious articles, like this one on the best gelaterie in town: http://milano.corriere.it/milano/localwebapp/Itenerario.do?p=3
(just kidding, Corriere folks!, ya' never know when they'll call me up to write for their ever so prestigious, ever so important paper)

We'll start with "Nuova Brianza," the old "Rossi" gelateria at Via Le Brianza, 14.

It was a hot day.

I was primed for a refreshing ice cream.

Not being a professional critic, I even wanted it to be good.

How was it?

It was O.K., just O.K.

The cream-based flavors were not terribly icey, but they weren't terribly creamy, or flavorful, either.

The price was more or less average: for what is called a medium-sized cup with three flavors (probably a small-medium size to American eyes, at least), the cost was about E. 2.75, around $3.60 at the current exchange rate (about $1.30 per E. 1).

Would I go there, again?

Errrrr, arrrrrr, aaaahhhhhh, are you really going to make me say it?

Ahhhh, errrrr, oh all right, probably not.

Why not?

Because there's a place just down the street (future post!) that has MUCH better gelato, though if "Nuova Brianza" (vecchio "Rossi") had been the only gelato place in the area, I wouldn't have shunned it as awful.

And that could happen.

I've learned to be pickey.

Don't want to waste calorie consumption, which has to be worked off so painfully, on something not 100% worth it.

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