Monday, September 27, 2010

A "rare" French-influenced Art Nouveau grill

Via Boscovich, not far from the Central Station, has a few delights, and this "rare" French-influenced Art Nouveau grill is one of them....More......

Why "rare"?

Because Milanese Art Nouveau -- called "Liberty" after the popular store, font of textiles helping to spread the design -- more typically is influenced, as one might expect, by the Viennese tradition. It tends to be more geometric in conception, while this design fully expresses its natural origins, even if delightfully simplified.

If you look closely, you can see that the artisan has tipped the edges of the leaves behind and in front of the bars of the grill. Extra work, but it adds a three-dimensional and natural touch to the otherwise stylized design.

I snapped this shot for you on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010, at about 4:30 P.M. (somewhat cloudy day, as you can see from the lighting)

To see the needlepoint gridded design I created out of this image, please go to my blog on needlepoint, Ars acupicturae stellae - Star's Needlepoint Art:


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John hopper said...

It is interesting taking a fresh look at some of this Art Nouveau work. As you say, there are regional styles, but there is also the little extra that a particular crafts person adds to the finished piece, that is the priceless part of the finished work.

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