Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Milanese Gelato Showdown (02)

I sacrificed myself for you, again, just the other day, and, for the second time in years (calories, calories, calories), stopped in the Venchi chocolate and ice cream shop a stone's throw from the Duomo (via Mengoni). The 75% chocolate was super super creamy, a good compromise for milk and dark chocolate lovers, it tasted like fudge without being bitter. The blueberry sorbet was creamy, too, not because of milk, but because it had been churned into perfection (though the taste, I admit, was not as flavorful as I had expected).

Would I go there, again, calories permitting?...More......

...A resounding yes!

I purposefully went there, and not to the Grom's shop only a bit farther on, because I hate fads.

Grom's is good, very good, but--call it cheering for the underdog--it maddens me to see sheep-like crowds amassed on the sidewalk (not so politely blocking foot traffic) around the Grom's entrance, while, just a few steps away, only a few (discerning) customers are at Venchi's.

Friends brought us their "no sugar" chocolates as a house gift. So heavenly that--seriously--there's no telling. The web site says they also have chocolates for those not able to eat grains (a genetic disorder fairly common in mediterranean countries). I'm sure those, and the regular chocolates, are marvelous, too.

(No, I get no kickbacks...just as well for the waistline.)


P.S., they now also have a shop contiguous with the Cadorna train station on the corner with via Boccaccio (in which there is also another good ice cream place) AND one on via Mercanti, part of the handy pedestrian zone straight shot from the Duomo to the castle.

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