Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it raining? It must be Women's Fashion Week

Is it raining? It must be Women's Fashion Week in Milan...More......

It's as if the city really was a conscious being, and obstinately wanted to tweak the noses of those coming, not to see it, but just to scratch its surface uncomfortably, racing back and forth bumping into people on foot and bouncing in taxis over the "St. Peter's stones" of the cobbled streets.

Every darn time Women's Fashion Week happens, it rains.

At least it seems this way, for the last 15-odd years that I've been in Milan.

Usually it rains the whole week. This time, they've gotten lucky.

It POURED all of a sudden yesterday afternoon, then fizzled out. Today, the clouds are blowing south, and, while the horizons still look grimly gray, overhead it's like big fluffy blobs of whipped cream floating in blueberry soda.

Is there such a thing as blueberry soda? Sounds good to me!

I snapped this shot the last time it rained, on the 14th of August, at 11:40 A.M.

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