Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting settled in the new neighborhood

Getting settled in the new neighborhood is taking longer than I expected it would...More......

There are handy shops of necessary ends and odd bits, that's good, a pharmacy, too, but no likely looking osterie or pizzerie, though. Also will miss the Thai restaurant in front of our old place and the Indian take-away just around the corner.

A monster case of flu, high temps and bronchitis isn't helping (I'd like to congratulate the kind person, who left that particular flu virus out of the vaccine I got in the fall), but that excuse is winding to its own natural end. It does give me a chance to fall figuratively on my woozy knees to thank the kind owner of the nearby mom-and-pop store, my dear friend and neighbor and my public health doctor.

This flowery branch from the wall surrounding the nearby construction area of City Life lifts my spirits. Reminds me of the designs and colors of my childhood clothes. Hints at the parks promised for that new development in the area of the old Fiera. Sounds like good photo ops,...

...just like this lovely lady perched on the end of the reflecting pool in Piazzale Giulio Cesare discussed in a previous message (

She's not alone, more to come! (Once the knees stop wobbling and more of the boxes are emptied!)

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